In the Intelligent Transport System domain, considered at large as explained here under, focus is given performance, innovation and time to market. Software is key and this requests efficient tools to bring to develop, test and validate innovative solutions, in the shortest possible delay, with a favorable return on investment. 
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Intempora's mission is to develop and edit multisensor software solutions to fit these challenging needs. RTMaps – Real Time, Multisensor, Advanced Prototyping Software –, a modular multithreaded framework for real time multisensor applications is Intempora answer.  IVS (Intempora Validation Suite) is a cloud-based tool for managing up to tens of PetaBytes of recorded data in a centralized and optimized manner (store, share, annotate, filter, search for particular situations, post-process in playback mode).
RTMaps and IVS are used in various domains for advanced and breakthrough developments. Although it can be asserted that transportation is the major application domain, it has to be kept in mind that mobile robotics, drones, complex instrumentation, e-health, 3D mapping, human factors and many other fields are of interest to Intempora and can benefit from our technology. Our products are mainly used for technology development and testing but also for behavior analysis in complex situations. Intempora has built its development on the excellence of its software, the expertise of its teams and, above all, its focus on customer satisfaction. Along with delivering efficient and powerful tools, Intempora also brings a strong and recognized expertise to industries, laboratories, universities and highschools.
Intempora was founded in year 2001 based on research works performed at the Center of Robotics of Ecole des Mines de Paris (now Mines-ParisTech). Since then, its team of highly skilled software engineers have been working on the development of RTMaps and related products turning it into a robust and easy-to-use software framework, meeting the needs of demanding customers from the industry. MINES ParisTech SPIN OFF bleu


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Early 2020, and in the continuation of a strategic partneship in place since 2016, Intempora is acquired by dSPACE. We joined forces with dSPACE to integrate further our products into the dSPACE toolchains. RTMaps and IVS can be closely integrated with a variety of dSPACE products to provide complete solutions to our customers in a number of use cases such as datalogging, data replay, rapid prototyping, open loop HiL and SiL testing...




Intempora is member of the Groupement ADAS, a group of high-tech SMEs members of the French cluster MOV'EO on the theme of ADAS ("Advanced Driver Assistance Systems") dedicated to technology and active safety systems for information or driver assistance. 

Intempora is member of INI, a groupment of high tech small and medium size companies with over 20 years experience in the field of Internet technologies objects and big data. Activity: Design, production and databaseintegration for the production of high value-addedservices. INI is powered by MOV'EO Cluster.

Intempora is also member of the following clusters and institutes



ASAM Intempora is member of ASAM (Association for Standardisation of Automation and Measuring Systems) and its tooling supports standards such as XCP, XIL,...


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