A new version of Rtmaps.
The Intempora team is excited to announce the new release of RTMaps v4.3.1. It integrates various usability and performance enhancements, new packages of components...

New Release of RTMaps

RTMaps 4.3.1

Among other things, and in the frame of our recent strategic partnership with dSPACE, this release integrates features providing advanced integration with the dSPACE toolchain such as an efficient interface with the dSPACE RTI blockset providing reliable and low-latency communication with Simulink, with the dSPACE MicroAutoBox, with VEOS, etc. as well as a XIL server allowing connectivity between RTMaps and dSPACE ControlDeskNG

RTMaps capture

RTMaps 4.3.0 

RTMaps capture

The changelog is quite long but the main features are:

  • Integration of the dSPACE RTI blockset interface : More infos
  • Integration of the XIL API server for interface with ControlDeskNG 
  • Support for Linux Ubuntu 16.04
  • Many usability enhancements in the RTMaps Studio > Better Ux 
    (Auto Scroll, Red Alert, Overlay selection, Z-order, new icons...)
  • Support for CMake in the RTMaps SDK (Windows and Linux)
  • Component : MobileEye decoder for CAN streams
  • Component : KITTI dataset importer
  • Component : Kvaser CAN interfaces support
  • ...


Do you have questions ? Please contact our technical team at support[at]intempora[dot]com . Thank you