RTMaps 4.5.3 is now available.
This new version propose a new run / shutdown recorder, a new SDK to develop 3D Viewer plugins and so on..


RTMaps v4.5.3 is now available!

We officially released the new version of our leading software solution for real-time multisensor applications: RTMaps v4.5.3.
This new version provides a few features.

RTMaps v4.5.3 new features:

  • [NEW] Recorder component:
    The recorder component is now able to shutdown/restart while not shutting down the whole diagram.
    This feature allow users to split their RTMaps recordings over several datasets.
    The component can be configured to append its own start time to generate file names so if the component is restarted it will not erase previous recorded data.

  • [NEW] 3D Viewer:
    - It is now possible to develop plugins in C/C++ in order to customize and improve the display in a 3D Viewer component (getting data from the imputs, injecting OpenGL code etc..)
    - Update in GL2_3D_Viewer
    - Add PolarGrid 3D Object Model

    RTMaps Embedded

  • Official support for the NXP's BlueBox v2.0

  • Official support for the NVIDIA DrivePX2 latest OS (Vibrante - also called "Drive", versions or
    with a package (.pck) integrating some algorithms from the newest version of the DriveWorks SDK (v0.6 - DriveNet, LaneNet, Free Space, etc..).

  • We still support the Renesas R-CAR H3.

  • [SOON] Support of the R-CAR V3M from Renesas that is primarily aimed front camera applications, surround view systems
    and Lidars.


  • [SOON] Support of QNX RTOS from Blackberry.

  • [SOON] Support of Linux Ubuntu 18.04.


  • [NEW] Support of the new Velodyne VLP-32C "Ultra Puck".

  • [NEW] Support for CoSimulation with FMI standard: a beta component is now available to integrate FMUs in your RTMaps diagrams. If used with PreScan simulator, the component outputs camera images despite FMI 2.0 limitations.
  • [NEW] Support for Baselabs Create: A data fusion development framework for automated vehicles.

  • [SOON] Ouster.io Lidars.

  • [SOON] Robosense Lidars.

  • [SOON] Velodyne VLS-128 (128 layers).

  • [SOON] Continental ARS 408 radar.

  • [SOON] Delphi ESR 2.5 and SRR2 radars.

  • [SOON] Blackfly-S cameras from FLIR/PointGrey (with the new Spinnaker SDK).

  • [SOON] Biometric sensors: Zephyr Bioharness, Tobii Eye X eyetracking glasses.
  • And many more features, updates, bugfixes.To download the complete changelog v4.5.3 please register on support.intempora.com 


 Do you have questions ? Please contact our technical team at support[at]intempora[dot]com . Thank you