Intempora is delighted to welcome Baselabs as a new technical partner in the development of sensor fusion applications for ADAS and autonomous driving.


Presentation of Baselabs Create

Baselabs Create is the framework for the development of data fusion algorithms. It provides state-of-the-art filters and models that can directly be used for sensor fusion development. Thus, the developer can start working on the parametrization of the algorithms and models earlier and spend more time on optimizing the system performance.


Thanks to Baselabs Create you can design, configure, customize, visualize your data fusion application within minutes by using the graphical interface. You can develop and edit your driving functions for ADAS and automated driving like AEB, ACC, Lane keeping in highway and urban scenarios.

Key Benefits RTMaps + Baselabs Create.


  • Dramatically reduce developement cycles thanks to RTMaps and Baselabs Create the data fusion can be configured on a graphical basis, which comes with massive time savings compared to a programmatic implementation.
  • Seamless workflow for the design, the visualization, the execution and deployment of your data fusion algorithm.
  • Both software are agnostic about sensors (Cameras, Radars and Lidars).
  • Off-the-shelf algorithms and components for many automated driving functions.
  • Trusted by leading OEMs and suppliers.
  • Deploy your automotive application on Embedded Targets thanks to RTMaps Embedded.
  • High level support and documentation by engineers for engineers.
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Baselabs is the Germany based software development company for sensor fusion. They are focused on the data fusion in multiple sensor scenariosin automotive applications. With their development software and project support, they enable data fusion results.
They propose two ways for their customer. A 
customized software project (Baselabs Modules) and the usage of the Baselabs data fusion developement tools (Baselabs Create). With a strong background in research and data fusion Baselabs provide expertise and services to OEM, Tier1 and Tier2 supliers as well as engineering service companies and academic institutions. 

Contact details: 
+49 (0)371 3371 51 0This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Intempora is a software editor founded in 2000 and based on research works performed and developed from 1998 at the Center of Robotics of Mines ParisTECH. One of the most prestigious research and engineering school of France.
Intempora has now over 18 years of knowledge and expertise in advanced software development for real-time multisensor applications which play an essential role in mobile robotics, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and highly automated driving (HAD).

Intempora edit a development environment called RTMaps wich facilitates the design, execution and deployment of advanced functions in complex and real-time systems.

Since 2016, Intempora signed a strategic partnership with dSPACE that aims at providing a superior tool chain for developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and highly automated driving functions. In line with this agreement dSPACE globally and exclusively distribute RTMaps.