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With the Autonomous Vehicle Technology World expo it will be also a great opportunity to assist to high quality experts presentations about autonomous vehicle technologies. Nicolas DU LAC, CEO of Intempora will be a speaker for Autonomous Vehicle Software & AI Symposium 2019. His presentation will talk about the automation and Validation of ADAS and HAD algorithms with a large sensor datasets.

AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE software & ai symposium


The Autonomous Vehicle Software & AI Symposium is the world's first conference dedicated to specifically adressing the challenges and opportunities of developing AI and software platforms for autonomous and self-driving vehicles. The Autonomous Vehicle Software & AI Symposium will be attented by software engineers and developers, embedded systems engineers and robotics software designers, and developers from automotive and vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, robotics companies, computing software experts and leading research organisations from around the world.

Topics nder discussion

  • Open source platforms
  • Sensor fusion and deep learning 
  • real time multisensor frameworks 
  • developing robut cyber defence 
  • creating developement plaforms 
  • Computer vision algorithms 
  • Machine learning
  • AI development 
  • Real-time end to end mapping
  • Tools for testing, debugging, integrating, validation. 

Talk Conference - Save the Date!

Nicolas du LAC, CEO of Intempora will present a new product IVS - INTEMPORA VALIDATION SUITE a suits of tools and method for the validation of ADAS and autonomous driving algorithm thanks to software and cloud architecture. Save the date, Tuesday, May 21, 2019

portrait Nicolas Du LAC


16:45 > Automate and validate Autonomous Vehicles algorithms with large driving sensor datasets

With diversity of scenarios and the unpredictability of perception algorithms, it becomes necessary to perform statistical validation as formal proof becomes too complex and unaffordable. Costs for such validation can be tremendous. How to manage petabytes of recorded sensor datasets, unaltered videos and a growing number of computing nodes? We will introduce an innovative software suite that can help to benchmark, test and automate the validation of ADAS and HAD functions. It allows computing resources to be optimized for storage and high-performance computing by taking advantage of software execution performance and cloud architectures scalability, while testing your features against relevant data only.




May 21,22,23, 2019
 Messepiazza 1, 70629 Stuttgart, Germany 
Phone: (+49) 711 185600



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