RTMaps v4.7.0 is now available since a few days !
Discover the new packages and features supported by RTMaps


RTMaps v4.7.0 is now available!

The new RTMaps release is finally out, new packages, features and enhancements have been bring to this version.

RTMaps Studio

The Updater GUI can now be used to download updates for other operating systems / architectures. New graphical user interface more intuitive for the RTMaps Updater with the add of several and detailed search options to discover the latest, updated and deprecated packages of RTMaps.

The Updater GUI can now be used to download updates for other operating systems / architectures.
§  The Updater GUI now displays the archive changelog when available.
§  The Updater GUI now displays the minimal maintenance date required.
§  The Updater GUI now automatically lays out columns in tables and trees.


New sensor package rtmaps_biopac.pck
§  New sensor package rtmaps_camera_allied_vision.pck
§  New sensor package rtmaps_robosense.pck 
§  New sensor package rtmaps_mynt_eye.pck 
§  New communication package rtmaps_dds_vortex.pck 
§  New standard package rtmaps_fmi_standard.pck 
§  New 3D Viewer option "Wireframe" to apply bounding boxes around detected objects.

§  New package rtmaps_custom_data.pck.
This package includes components for:
 - Decoding byte streams into custom structures (using the "Custom Data Decoder" component).
 - Splitting custom structures into its fields (using the "Custom Data Splitter" component).
 - Generating byte streams from any common data type (using the "To Stream8" component).
 - Comparing byte streams (using the "Compare Streams" component).
 - Converting between different data types (using the "Type Cast" component).

The most notable components of this package are the Custom Data "Decoder" and "Splitter".
These components can be configured through a user-provided XML file that describes the data that they should manipulate.
Through that file, the user can describe:

- The format of the input data (e.g. the various "structs" and their "fields").
- The process by which raw byte streams can be decoded into the aforementioned data structures.

Partners Packages

§  Valeo Drive4U Locate package available in RTMaps on demand.
More information on the RTMaps Component Store here
§  New package RTI Connext rtmaps_dds_rti_connext.pck available in RTMaps on demand.
More information about RTI Connext here
§  Updates and enhancements on Leddartech's package rtmaps_leddartech.pck available directly in RTMaps


§  Update on rtmaps_mathworks.pck
§  Update on rtmaps_mobileye.pck
§  Update on rtmaps_can_peak.pck
§  Update on rtmaps_can_processing.pck
§  Update on rtmaps_gps_novatel.pck 
§  Update on rtmaps_gps_ublox.pck
§  Update on rtmaps_python_bridge.pck add python v3.8 for Windows.
§  Update on 3D Viewer with new 3D conventions: the center of projected RealObject is the center of its bounding box.
§  Support of Macro-packages in the binary rtmaps_get_pck_info.
§Record file format changed: the "Launched at" line in the. rec file now always contains a local time with a timezone indicator as well as the corresponding UTC time.

And many more features, updates, bugfixes.To download the complete changelog v4.7.0 please register on support.intempora.com


Do you have questions? Please contact our technical supportsupport[at]intempora[dot]com . Thank you.