RTMaps Embedded 4.5.0 is now available for embedded targets. From the most affordable architecture to the most recent and powerful embedded platforms of the automotive market!


RTMaps Embedded v4.5.0 is now available!

We officially released the new version of our leading software solution for real-time multisensor applications: RTMaps Embedded v4.5.0.
This new version provides unique features that allow faster development of functions for automated driving on embedded platforms.

Intempora worked closely with the most implicated companies on ADAS and highly automated driving technologies such as:



Thanks to RTMaps Embedded v4.5.0 and the RTMaps Remote Studio Connector on your embedded targets,  you are now able to dramatically reduce your development cycles and to stay one step ahead.

From now, you can use RTMaps during all steps of your software development process! From rapid prototyping to the most advanced levels of autonomy with the deployment of your design on the most affordable chip to the most recent electronic architectures of the automotive market. 

These new technologies combined, opening up new opportunities for engineers and researchers who work closely to achieve an ambitious future for the automotive industry. Build autonomous vehicles for real.


RTMaps Embedded available on:

  • NVIDIA Drive PX 2 AutoCruise / Autochauffeur
  • NVIDIA Tegra X2
  • RENESAS R-CAR H3 / HAD Solution Kit
  • NXP BlueBox
  • The upcoming dSPACE MicroAutoBox Embedded SPU
  • Raspberry Pi 2&3


RTMaps Remote Studio Connector

Thanks to RTMaps Embedded and the RTMaps Remote Studio Connector you can easily switch between your PC to your embedded targets.


RTMaps Studio (Developer Version)

  • Connection to RTMaps Embedded thanks to the RTMaps Remote Studio Connector.
  • Use of components already compiled for embedded platforms.

  • Edit, develop and design your applications from a PC (Windows or Linux) in both C++ or Python.

RTMaps Embedded (Runtime Version)

  • Easily deploy your applications & algorithms on embedded targets thank to a SSL Connection, TCP/IP
  • Execute your work on embedded targets and edit your work in real-time from your PC.

  • Thanks to RTMpas Embedded take advantage of the hardware acceleration of your embedded targets (GPU, FPGA, DSP, IPU,..)

  • And many more features, updates, bugfixes.To download the complete changelog v4.5.0 please register on support.intempora.com 

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     Do you have questions ? Please contact our technical team at support[at]intempora[dot]com . Thank you