RTMaps v4.5.6 is now available ! This new version propose a set of new features and enhancements and also new sensors and technologies.


RTMaps v4.5.6 is now available!

The new RTMaps release is finally out, new major features and enhancements have been bring to this version.
You can use the new python_bridge component thanks to the RTMaps updater!

New Sensors

  • Add new rtmaps_mobileye_630.pck. New sensor MobilEye 630.
  • Add new rtmaps_pointgrey_spinnaker.pck. New package support of Spinnaker SDK of PointGrey. Support USB3 Vision, GigE Vision cameras.
  • Add new rtmaps_ouster.pck.
  • Update rtmaps_gps_novatel.pck. Add support for decoding GPS/GNSS time
  • Update rtmaps_gps_ublox.pck. Add support for NAV-ATT frames.
  • Update rtmaps_sick_lms_telemeters.pck Add support for MRS6000 sensor. Update package documentation.

New features

  • Add console_reader component. Allow to save, record and get the console message in the form of a data stream in a diagram.
  • Add pcap_filter component to rtmaps_pcap.pck.
  • Add capabiity for organizing component properties in the form of sections and subections. 
  • Update in rtmaps_standard_components.pck:
    - video_stream_decoder now accepts MAPSImage input for MJPG streams.


  • Add support for rtmaps.dll / librtmaps.so in CMake.
  • Add support for native compilation with CMake on ARM platforms.
  • It is now possible to register a callback through the external API to receive log messages.
  • Updates in RTMaps Updater: 
    - Archive generation now recursively create the specified build directory if it does not already exist.
    - When the updater in run through the GUI in RTMaps Studio, the list and search commands now only log the
    number of items found instead of the 
    whole item list. This saves a lot of time (20 seconds or more) while the update GUI is opening.

And many more features, updates, bugfixes.To download the complete changelog v4.5.5 please register on support.intempora.com 


 Do you have questions ? Please contact our technical team at support[at]intempora[dot]com . Thank you