Philosys Gmbh is a software editor and propose a labeling tool editor. The Ground truth annotator can now read data file format from RTMaps.



Presentation of Ground Truth Annotator

Philosys Ground Truth Annotator 2018 is now available. It has most of the features of Philosys Label Editor regarding ground truth labeling and doesn't require an ADTF runtime Licence anymore. This provides considerable cost saving regarding total licence costs.

The main new features for Philosys Ground Truth Annotator 2018 compared to Philosys Label Editor are the support of new data formats and a much faster data player implementation than the player used up to now.


Key Benefits RTMaps + Ground truth Annotator 

  • Dramatically reduce validation cycles thanks to RTMaps and Ground truth annotator.
  • Support reading Intempora RTMaps datasets.
    > Video as jseq, jpeg, pngseq, png and raw.
    >Point Cloud Points as numeric_binary with float32.
    > Odometry as text.
    > Other data formats can be implementend on customer request.
  • Seamless workflow for the labeling of your recording.
  • Trusted by leading OEMs and suppliers. 
    "More than 1000 users already rely on our sophisticated and reliable software for labeling/annotation a vast amount of recorded sensor data" Philosys.
  • Seamless workflow for the labeling of your recording.
  • Considerable cost saving regarding total licence costs compared to old version based on ADTF runtime.
  • High level support and documentation by engineers for engineers.

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About Philosys



Philosys software was founded in 1988 by the computer scientist Peter Göb, Horst Lauber, Emil Näpflein and Dr Detlef Strehmel and it's currently owned and run by the latter three founders.

The owners still play active roles as project managers and developers.
The number of clients as well as of employees is growing steadily, as well as the range of services. It has been profitable since its foundation in 1988.

The basic qualifications of our employees covers the entire topic of Unix system programming. Furthermore, with our many successfully performed projects we have an excellent knowledge and vita experience in many low level software specialist fields.

In the past years we have shifted our focus to the field of technical applications in the automotive sector. We are exceedingly able in inserting our years of experience into the development of complex applications for the automotive industry.

Contact details: 
+49 (0)89 321 407 0   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Intempora is a software editor founded in 2000 and based on research works performed and developed from 1998 at the Center of Robotics of Mines ParisTECH. One of the most prestigious research and engineering school of France.
Intempora has now over 18 years of knowledge and expertise in advanced software development for real-time multisensor applications which play an essential role in mobile robotics, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and highly automated driving (HAD).

Intempora edit a development environment called RTMaps wich facilitates the design, execution and deployment of advanced functions in complex and real-time systems.

Since 2016, Intempora signed a strategic partnership with dSPACE that aims at providing a superior tool chain for developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and highly automated driving functions. In line with this agreement dSPACE globally and exclusively distribute RTMaps.