OS: Windows, Linux
Arch: PC x86_64


YoGoKo features Y-Smart, a unified communication software platform for connected & cooperative mobility. The software allows interaction with the surrounding vehicle environment (C-ITS/V2X standards, IoT standards), or communication with a remote autonomous vehicle command & control center.

Localization,Data fusion,ADAS

The Y-Smart RTMaps connector allows to connect RTMaps diagrams to YoGoKo middleware, providing support for V2X communications and many other types of communications (IoT, M2M, Cloud). It particularly supports ETSI CAM, DENM, SPAT, MAP and IVI standards.

 The package includes easy to use components to:
  • Access vehicle data acquired from GPS or CAN bus (position, dynamic, commands).
  • Modify vehicle data or inject data into the communication stack.
  • Trigger emission of DENM messages.
  • Receive informations from the Local Dynamic Map built from communications (surrounding stations, events, traffic lights, etc).
  • Receive and send notifications from/to a command&control center.

    This package depends on the Y-Smart communication stack, which is licensed separately by YoGoKo.