The ibeo Evaluation Suite is a modular software for automatic object labeling, post-processing of the recorded data of large test drives, as well as the generation of a map of lane markings. In combination with RTMaps, you can use the IBEO Reference system and the Evaluation suite in order to constitute a reference stream synchronized with your other sensors (cameras, radars, lidars, etc.). This makes a great feature for sensors and algortihms benchmarking activities as well as DNNs training activities.

Localization,Image processing & Vision,Data fusion,ADAS

The proposed workflow to use the IBEO Evaluation Suite in combination with RTMaps is as follows:

  • Record all your sensors data streams along with IBEO sensors data in a synchronized manner in RTMaps
  • Post-process the recorded IBEO sensors data with IBEO's Evaluation Suite software which generates the reference stream (ground truth)
  • Re-integrate the processed reference stream in your RTMaps dataset
  • In RTMaps, playback the reference stream synchronized with raw sensors data, apply processing and fusion algorithms against raw sensors data and compare the results with the reference information.