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Synchronizing and processing real-time data streams has never been faster and easier

    • About RTMaps

      A modular toolkit for your multimodal applications.
      ADAS, Autonomous vehicles, Robotics, UGVs, UAVs, HMI, datalogging….
      The easiest way to develop, test, validate,benchmark and execute your applications.

      • Capture

      • Record

      • Playback, develop, test and validate

      • Deploy


RTMaps 4 is an asynchronous high performance platform designed to face and win multisensor challenges and to allow engineers and researchers to take an advantage of an efficient and easy-to-use framework for fast and robust developments.





  • Benefits

    • Accelerate your developments, tests and benchmarks for your embedded software
    • Don’t waste time connecting systems and sensors
    • Take the most out of your hardware
      • RTMaps is extremely optimized
      • Multicore made easy
    • Easily switch between lab and prototype
    • Features

      • Acquire data in real-time from numerous, high bandwidth, data sources
      • Process and fuse data streams in real-time or in post-processing
      • Manage latencies, components synchronization strategies, and fine-tune your apps real-time behaviour
      • Record, then Playback and work offline
    • Software architecture

      RTMaps has been developed with few objectives in mind: performance, ease of use and modularity.

      Therefore it is made of several independent modules to be used in different contexts:

      • The RTMaps Runtime Engine: this is the core of any RTMaps-based application. The RRE is lightweight and portable. 
      • The RTMaps Studio: the Studio is the graphical design tool. Assemble components, configure them, fine-tune your application, assess its performance, with an easy-to-use graphical interface.
      • The RTMaps Components Library: a large set of on-the-shelf components, to be used in a few clicks (sensors connectivity, pre-processing, communication, display, recording / playback, etc.
      • The RTMaps SDK: develop your own components and complement the components library at will. Integrate your code in C/C++ or Python.
    • The RTMaps Runtime Engine

      The RTMaps Runtime Engine is the core of any RTMaps-based applications. It takes care of all the base services: components registration, connections, buffers management, timestamping, threading and priorities...

      • Lightweight
      • Highly optimized: No memory copies, just pointers exchange. No dynamic memory allocation during execution, event-based, polling or synchronous components communication.
      • Multithreaded: your applications natively take advantage of multi-core architectures
      • Easily deployable
      • Embeddable in third-party applications


    • The RTMaps components library

      Ready-made software modules to be instanciated in a few clicks:

      • Interfaces with most of the sensors on the market
      • Display (2D & 3D)
      • Flexible and standard recording formats
      • Signals generation
      • Communication
      • Diagnostics
      • And much more...
    • The RTMaps Studio

      An easy-to-use graphical design environment.

      Design your ideas in a few clicks.

    • Extend at will…

      The RTMaps Software Development Kit (SDK)

      • Develop your own components in C++ or Python
      • Integrate RTMaps in your own software
    • Need more?

      • A.I.
      • Vision
      • SLAM
      • Data fusion
      • Signal processing
      • Digital maps
      • Neural networks
      • ...

      Checkout the RTMaps Components Store.

    • Interoperability

      Take the best of different software tools: RTMaps is highly interoperable with third-party technologies.

      • DDS
      • Matlab / Simulink
      • Simulators
      • Qt / QML
      • ROS
      • Digital mapping tools
      • ...