• Image management

    RTMaps offers tools to deal with images : color space conversion, JPEG compression / decompression, and a muxer to display multiple images in only one.

  • Can I use a user defined structure in RTMaps?

    Yes, absolutely! Inputs and outputs are not bounded to RTMaps types, you can use your own structure in there. This article shows how to do it.

  • 5 - RTMaps SDK simple tutorial

    Duration: 5 min.
    Learn how to use the RTMaps SDK Wizards, create in less than 30s a new RTMaps package with a new C++ component inside, compile it, and run it in the Studio.
    Download the tutorial (pdf).

  • 4 - Red blobs detection with RTMaps

    Duration: 20 min.
    Detect red areas in the video flow (here the cars backlights on a highlway). The database uses results from the REACT European project.
    Download the tutorial (pdf).

  • Manipulating MAPSIOElt

    Data is exchanged between the components through the one and only structure: MAPSIOElt. This structure can encapsulate any type of data and carry also additional information such as the Timestamp or the VectorSize.