"Player can't stand real-time replay" messages

I am getting a warning message in the RTMaps console saying "Player can't stand real-time replay". What does it mean ?

When reading an RTMaps database, a Player component sequentially reads the .rec file which is basically the synchronization file and gets from there the times when the next data on each track has to be emitted.

Usually, the Player tries to read some lines ahead of schedule in order to keep some time to prepare the data (read it from the disk, uncompress if needed) before emission. This allows to be as accurate as possible in time when data emission time is reached.

If for some reason (usually disk access performance issues), the Player cannot read lines from the .rec files as fast as real-time, it starts being late in the .rec file reading procedure. When this lateness becomes higher than the duration specified in its "timelag" property, then the Player is allowed to skip some lines in the .rec file in order to catch-up with real-time. In such case, some samples of data are missed and won't be replayed, and a message "Warning: Player can't stand real-time replay" is emitted in the RTMaps console. There is no way to know on which tracks data has been missed.

In order to correct this, you can for example lower the timespeed in the VCR: the data will be replayed in slower motion and the Player will have more time.

It is also possible to specify "infinite" in the timelag value to allow an infinite delay. In such case, the Player will take the necessary time to read and emit all the data, but may be late compared to the RTMaps time.