Image management

RTMaps offers tools to deal with images : color space conversion, JPEG compression / decompression, and a muxer to display multiple images in only one.

Color space conversion

In the Image processing package, there is a RGB -> YUV and a YUV -> RGB component.

If what you want to do is more than that, you can go for the image_processing_opencv package, which has a Colorspace Converter component. This component has two properties : the input colorspace and the output colorspace.

Compression / Decompression JPEG

In the Image processing package, there are two components : JPEG compressor and JPEG decompressor.

Realize an image puzzle - Show several images in the same window !

In the opencv package, you have a Video Muxer component. You can choose the number of inputs, and parameters for each image : width and height for the output image, positions of the input images, etc...

Here are the signification of the properties :