Advanced HMIs development

Design and benchmark your multimodal Human-Machine Interfaces with RTMaps:

  • Connect all your sensors with built-in support in RTMaps
    • Cameras
    • Audio
    • Biometrics sensors (ECG, EEG, GSR...)
    • Motion capture
    • Eye-trackers
    • ...
  • Manage multiple displays
  • Design runtime graphical user interfaces (GUIs) with QML or integrate RTMaps Runtime in your own software.

Human factors

Evaluate your advanced HMIs.

  • Continuous or Pre-triggered recording of sensors data
  • Synchronize and record data from multiple remote systems
  • Playback with optimized random-access in large datasets
  • Debrief recorded sessions
  • Self-confrontation

RTMaps allows to deploy the same process in simulators and in real contexts.