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    • RTMaps Components Store

      You can find here various on the shelf libraries from Intempora partners integrating their advanced technologies for various functions such as:Computer Vision

      1. 3D SLAM
      2. Positionning / Navigation
      3. Data Fusion
      4. Objects Detection (Lanes, vehicles, road signs, pedestrians..).
      5. HD Digital Maps

      Enhance and extend the capabilities of your applications with RTMaps component libraries from our partners or with your own components! Deploy your work to the RTMaps users and gain new customers

    • IVS - Intempora Validation Suite

      Validate your ADAS or other vision-based algorithms with IVS (Intempora Validation Suite).
      IVS is a set of two tools IDM(Intempora Data Managment) and ITAM (Intempora Test Automation Manager)

      1. Record and aggregate you data.
      2. Store and import your data in IVS
      3.  Annotate your recordings with tags and keywords.
      4. Search and define scenarios automatically and in parallel on your Big Data architecture
      5. Export and automate your process for any uses cases.
      6. Benchkmark and validate your algorithms
    • Intempora services

      Our team of expert software engineers can speed up your projects.
      Intempora can provide customized solutions and services around its software tooling offer to achieve better results in shorter time.

      • Expertise and advices on software integration.
      • Software modules development.
      • RTMaps training and workshops.
      • Design of on-board recorders and fusion devices.