About Intempora

French innovative SME with over 20 years of expertise in real-time software development.

Our Mission

Intempora aims to provide advanced and innovative software solutions to ease and accelerate the development process of engineering teams all around the world who are working daily on complex real-time systems and breakthrough innovations. 

Our Vision and Core Values

In a constant technological evolution we think that people can make difference.


Nicolas du Lac


Nicolas du LAC, graduated in 2000 in engineering major Robotics, he joined Intempora in 2001 as software engineer, then CTO of the company. In 2012 he was appointed CEO of Intempora. Today he manages the company and the software development engineering team.

Claude Laurgeau


Co-Founder of Intempora, he was director of the center of Robotics of Mines Paris until 2008. Claude continues to give conferences in robotics and autonomous driving in universities and research centers all around the world in Europe and China. Considered as a famous “roboticist”. He has been awarded in 2004 by the most pretigious robotics honor: The Joseph F.  Engelberger award.

History of the company

Pionneer in autonomous vehicles development in France.

Intempora was founded in 2000 on works performed at Center of Robotics of Mines Paris Tech, by Claude Laurgeau, former director of the Center and Bruno Steux, a brillant PhD student in robotics which created the premices of RTMaps software. The start-up worked on many research projects in France and Europe with INRIA – National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology and participated to some of the most famous worldwide projects in autonomous driving as DARPA Grand Challenge in 2005 with Blue Froggy then 2007 (DotMobil Team) and ITS 2008 (Urban City Challenge with SWRI – Southwest Research of Institute) in New York. Due to its narrow relationship with research, Intempora gets quickly a few customers in the automotive industry, especially french OEMs and Tier1 suppliers.


In 1999, both co-founders of Intempora, Claude Laurgeau former director of CAOR (Center of Robotics of Mines ParisTECH) and Bruno Steux, PhD student in robotics were interviewed by french National TV (France 2) in Mines Paris Tech to explain which software features will appear in “intelligent cars” around 2030-2040..
Let’s discover what they said.. 

Since then, the team of highly skilled software enginneers have been working on the development of advanced and innovative software tools . Intempora has mutualized customers expectations and requests to improve the reliability of the software portfolio and related products meeting the needs of several industries such as mobility (automotive, robotics, railway, public transport, logistics), energy (systems monitoring, smart cities), defense (simulators, human behaviour analysis), human factors. Throughout two decades by delivering efficient and powerful tools, Intempora earned a strong and recognized expertise with companies, research centers and universities all around the world.

First partnership with dSPACE in 2016

In 2016, dSPACE and Intempora announced an exclusive cooperation that aims at providing a superior tool chain for developing ADAS and highly automated driving functions. In line with this agreement, dSPACE globally and exclusively distribute RTMaps (Real-Time Multisensor applications) from Intempora, an innovative and unparallelled software environment for multisensor applications. RTMaps is tightly integrated into the dSPACE tool chain for rapid prototyping, software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop testing. This collaboration reinforce the dSPACE portofolio of tools for development, test and validation.

2020 Intempora become a dSPACE Company

20 years after the beginning of the company and after 4 long standing partnership, dSPACE announce the acquisition of Intempora.The Intempora software rounds off the functional scope of the dSPACE range of products for data-driven development, closing the gap between data recording, data management, and software validation. Through this acquisition, dSPACE offers a unique, comprehensive, and reliable end-to-end solution for customers in the automotive industry as well as optimized support for their innovative development projects. 

dSPACE Group companies

In 2019, dSPACE took over understand.ai, which further extended the dSPACE product portfolio for autonomous driving with AI-based options, such as automated data analysis, data annotation, and the extraction of simulation scenarios. One year later, in 2020, the acquisition of Intempora and the full integration of software tools from Intempora have now rounded off the functional scope of the dSPACE range of products for data-driven development, closing the gap between data recording, data management, and software validation.


understand.ai from Karlsruhe, DE has 4 years of worldwide AD/ ADAS project experience and 50+ associates with AI, automotive & cloud background we make machine learning accessible for real-world applications.develops algorithms that drive efficiencies in training and testing of functions for autonomous driving. By creating a powerful automation engine for perception data annotation, understand.ai enables the its users to cut costs and accelerate the training and testing of assisted & autonomous driving technology. Enriched sensor data can be extracted and turned into simulable scenarios.

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