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What is RTMaps?


Developing Real-Time Multisensor Applications with RTMaps™

RTMaps™ stands for Real-Time Multisensor Applications, it is a highly-optimized component-based development and execution software tool. Thanks to RTMaps™ you can designdevelop, test, benchmark and validate multisensor applications for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Highly Automated Driving (HAD) software functions but also advanced features in other domains such as autonomous and mobile robotics, energy, system monitoring, complex instrumentation and human factors.

Since two decades, Intempora has mutualized customer and partner feedback in order to deliver high-performance and reliable software development tools for critical real-time applications. 

Why rtmaps ?

RTMaps™ improves your software development efficiency

As advanced software development become more complex and more time consuming with the increasingly number of sensors and new technologies on the market, it becomes crucial for engineers to find efficient software frameworks which can accompany them all along their projects from rapid prototyping to the most finalized deployments. Intempora delivers RTMaps™ a powerful, modular and trustworthy development and execution software tool able to drastically reduce your teams workload and the corresponding costs to achieve success.

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The complete software stack to develop, test and deploy algorithms and advanced functions for mobility, energy, defense...

RTMAPS KEY features

Component based architecture

Thanks to the RTMaps Studio, the graphical design user interface, algorithms and complex applications become understandable and maintainable by everyone, from beginners to engineers, researchers and project managers. Connect building blocks (components), configure and execute right away.

Easy of

The RTMaps Studio allows an intuitive drag and drop based approach which makes it easy for anyone to design and execute complex real-time applications managing multiple high-bandwidth data streams in parallel in matter of minutes. Design and run your ideas in a few clicks.

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RTMaps delivers the most complete and versatile toolbox with a library of off-the-shelf components which support the latest technologies from the robotics and autonomous driving market. By providing such a library of components covering most of the standard needs, engineers and technicians can leave the software plumbing and focus right away on their use cases.

Time coherency

Mastering time correlation and synchronization between parallel data streams stemming from multiple heterogeneous sensors and data sources can rapidly turn out to a nightmare. RTMaps natively takes care of acquired data samples accurate timestamping, and includes a number of scheduling mechanisms to fine tune the real-time behavior of critical real-time applications.

Powerful & Optimization

RTMaps is highly optimized and introduces hardly no CPU overhead for streaming data between components. Furthermore it natively takes advantage of multi-core/multi-CPU architectures to run the different tasks in parallel. Key takeaways:

Versatility usage

RTMaps is the swiss-knife for your Data Driven Development projects. With its unique approach, RTMaps proposes built-in features for ultra-fast data recording and then playback of multiple high bandwidth data streams. As an efficient tool for both real-time and offline use, RTMaps can address a number of various use cases:

Share & Collaborate

With its unique approach, RTMaps facilitates collaboration between teams and the sharing of diagrams, components (blocks) and recordings (datasets) between teamates, project participants, partners or techno-providers. Take advantage of a collaborative software tool to accelerate your development project and boost your efficiency.


We ensure openness through well designed APIs for either implementing your own RTMaps components (in C/C++, Python, Simulink®, CUDA…) or integrating the RTMaps technology itself into your own software. RTMaps supports a number of data formats for data recordings and playback. The RTMaps native recording format is also open, extensible and documented.

Modularity & Portability

RTMaps is cross platform and is available for Windows®, Linux (Ubuntu™ LTS), and QNX®. Due to its lightweight runtime engine, RTMaps can be deployed and executed not only on PC architectures (x86 64 bits) but also on a number of supported embedded devices (based on ARM CPUs and SoCs). See RTMaps Embedded.

IP protection

Components can be protected in terms of Intellectual Property. RTMaps exposes a copy-protection system which you can activate for your own blocks.
Furthermore, since know-how and industrial secret resides not only in the algorithms code but also more and more in the software architecture itself exposed in the structure of the data flow graphs, RTMaps also makes it possible to encrypt your diagrams in order to limit third party access to your software designs. This can be critical when sharing applications with third-parties all around the world.


RTMaps eases the workload of R&D and engineering teams and enables them to focus on artificial intelligence and complex functions their applications by providing a modular, powerful and understandable software framework. Spend less time in coding, more time at innovating.

Delivering solutions built on reliable technology, ensures best performance, risk reduction to achieve project goals and lower time to market. Our advanced software technologies have been used along years all over the world by OEMs, Tier1 suppliers and research labs / universities in this purpose.

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What can i do with rtmaps?

RTMaps, a data driven development software.

With the constant increase of sensors integrated into vehicles and robots and the rapid evolution of hardware and software technologies, it has become necessary for engineers to handle large amounts of data generated by different sources such as Cameras, Radars, Lidars, GNSS, IMU, CAN Bus and ther buses, biometrics sensors but also simulated sensors data streams, communication systems, etc..

R&D engineers need to find efficient and versatile integration tools able to manage this, especially in the field of autonomous driving with the huge amounts of data collected on the road.

The RTMaps software can be used in a number of different contexts and use-cases where managing high-bandwidth, asynchronous data streams is necessary.


Data Acquisition

RTMaps can capture efficiently any raw and high bandwidth data from multiple sources such as sensors (cameras, radar, Lidars, GPS, IMU, ultrasonics, biometrics etc..), communication networks and field buses (CAN/CAN-FD, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet) but also synthetic data streams from simulators. RTMaps can adapt to any sensors and data sources.

Data Synchronization

With numerous sensors it is crucial to synchronize these heterogeneous data streams to correctly perceive the environment and adapt the behaviour of your autonomous real-time systems. RTMaps allows to synchronize data in a consistent time frame. Each data are time stamped which able to calculate latencies and performances easily. 

Data Processing

RTMaps can integrate online or offine processing and allows developers to manage and decide the different reading strategies of their applications by managing the behaviour of their algorithms and recordings in different situations and events.

Data Fusion

Sensor fusion approach is natively implemented into RTMaps software, by combining different outputs from differents sensors on one component you can directly obtain more meaningful data and detects objects with more redundancy and reliability.  It’s rapid, it’s easy to fuse data with RTMaps.

Data Logging

RTMaps can record in opened and documented file formats. You can select and choose what streams you want to record. Fused one or individual streams. No streams are interleaved. Your data is clear and readable. Your data is your own.

Data Playback

RTMaps provides synchronized playback capabilities with real or simulated data for offline post-processing, testing and validation. RTMaps allows playback data “as fast as possible” which allow you to replay your data quickly, even faster than real-time without any data losses. 

One innovative framework to bring artificial intelligence to your innovation.


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