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Intempora is a dSPACE Group Company

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Simplified joint stock company with capital of 44 119 Euros

HEADQUARTERS : 19, rue Diderot, 92130
Issy-les-Moulineaux, Haut-de-Seine, FR.


Intempora is a dSPACE Group Company

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Terms and Conditions

End User License Agreements

Download the complete PDF file of (EULA) for End User Licence Agreements or read the page below.


Rev 2016.03.3

Thank you for choosing the accompanying software product (together with its accompanying documentation). This license is the legal agreement (“agreement”) between you, the end user, either individually or as an authorized representative of the company who has acquired the software license (collectively called “the customer” or “you”) and INTEMPORA SAS (“intempora”) acting directly or through its authorized distributors (collectively called “the licensor”). Please read this agreement carefully. Intempora is only willing to provide the software license (as defined below) to you on the condition that you accept all of the terms contained in this agreement. You accept this agreement by installing or using the software. If you did not acquire the software license from intempora, or an authorized intempora distributor or affililate (“authorized distributor”), then you may not enter into this agreement or use the software. No other party has the right to transfer a copy of the software to you. INTEMPORA’s authorized distributors and affiliates are listed on its web site. If you are unwilling to accept this agreement, do not use the software. If you have already paid for the software license without having a prior opportunity to review this agreement, and are now unwilling to agree to these terms, you may, within thirty (30) days after the date on which you acquired the software, return it to intempora, or the authorized distributor from whom you acquired it, along with its original packaging and proof-of-purchase, for a full refund. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, intempora authorized distributors do not act as agents of INTEMPORA SAS, and such distributors may not enter into any contracts on behalf of intempora. No authorized distributor has the authority to modify the terms of this agreement.

A WORD TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS. Our goal is to help you succeed using the Software. We have crafted this Agreement to provide you the flexibility that you need to successfully develop products using the Software, while at the same time protecting Intempora’s intellectual property. If you need to use the Software in a manner that is not permitted under this Agreement, please contact Intempora to discuss alternative licensing March 2016 2/16 arrangements. If you have any questions or concerns about this license, please contact Intempora here.


The following definitions apply to this Agreement:

1.1 "Affiliated companies"

“Affiliated companies” refers to companies that control, are controlled by, or are under common control with another company. “Control” as used here means the ownership of more than fifty percent (50%) of such company’s capital or equivalent voting rights.

1.2 "Equipment"

“Equipment” means a physical standalone computing unit such as a PC, an ECU or an embedded board with a CPU or SoC (System on Chip). In the context of this Agreement, a virtual machine (e.g. in a cloud architecture) exploiting several physical computing units as defined above but exposing only one virtually to the end-user is not considered as a single Equipment but as N equipments (N being the number of computing units in use behind the virtual machine).

1.3 "Dongle"

“Dongle” means a small piece of hardware that connects to an Equipment and that is used as a form of copy protection or digital rights management to authenticate a piece of installed software.

1.4 "Evaluation purposes"

“Evaluation purposes” means using the Licensed Software for the purpose of testing whether the Licensed Software might meet the requirements of the Customer with regard to its use for a specific project.

1.5 "Licensed Software"

“Licensed Software” means computer programs, where applicable including but not limited to object code, that are or will be provided by the Licensor according to this Agreement. Unless otherwise explicitly stated hereinafter, the definition of Licensed Software also includes any enhancements, translations, modifications, updates, releases, or other changes to the Licensed Software which are or will be provided as part of the Licensor’s performance of warranty service obligations or prepaid support services according to this Agreement.

1.6 "Permanent License"

“Permanent License” means a license to use the Licensed Software in perpetuity, for which a one-time payment has been made.

1.7 "Research and Development"

“Research and Development” means the Customer’s in-house activities with the aim of creating, improving or enhancing products, services or processes, gaining or enhancing knowledge or skills, or developing prototypes. The results of such activities may provide a basis for future productive work. Any direct use of results in production or in external applications does not constitute Research and Development. “Direct use” means use as a tool or component – either as a whole or in parts – without prior complete and thorough testing and validation by the Customer.

1.8 "Server"

“Server” denotes a computer program in a network that performs tasks for a client when requested by that client, and also the hardware on which such a computer program runs. 

1.9 "Software Documentation"

“Software Documentation” means written information that is part of the software delivery and that describes the features and various aspects of the software’s intended operation, e.g., tutorials, user guides, and product descriptions, whether distributed in print or electronic form, that are in effect as of the date on which the Licensed Software is shipped to the Customer.

1.10 "Third party"

“Third Party” means any party other than the Licensor or the Customer.



The Software (exclusive of its physical packaging) is licensed. It is not sold, even if for convenience we make reference to words such as “sale” or “purchase.” the Software is protected by copyrights and other intellectual property rights. You agree that all worldwide copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Software and all copies of the Software, however made, are and remain the exclusive property of Intempora. All rights in the Software not expressly granted to you in this Agreement are reserved by Intempora and its suppliers. There are no implied licenses under this Agreement


For each item of Licensed Software received by the Customer, and subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Licensor grants the Customer a non-exclusive license to use, execute and store the version of the Licensed Software provided by the Licensor for the purpose described in the Licensor’s software product description or software documentation. A permanent license is granted unless the Licensor´s commercial offer explicitly states otherwise. Except for “Runtime licenses” (see 2.4) which can be transferred under particular conditions as detailed in section 2.7, the Software is licensed solely for Customer’s internal use, including the provision of data processing service to others in the normal course of Customer’s business also including use by subcontractors in Customer premises. Through the execution of all necessary measures, Customer undertakes to ensure that its Subcontractors comply with all the provisions of the Contract. No rights to sublicense or distribute the Software are granted. Intempora may include features in the Software which restrict a) unlicensed use or b) use of the Software or related data after license expiration.


Depending on the Licensed Software (such as the RTMaps Software for instance), the Software can enable the Customer to develop and deploy applications. For such software, if you want to use the Software to develop applications, then you must purchase from the Licensor one or more “Development licenses” (also known as “Developer licenses”). If you want to use the Software to deploy applications on a “Runtime” basis, then you must acquire, from the Licensor, a Runtime license (also known as “Runtime license”), detailed under section 2.4. If you are a commercial developer, or you are otherwise developing applications for distribution to third March 2016 4/16 parties, please see Section 2.7 for details on distributing Runtime licenses to your customers. The term “Application” means a program that you create using the Software that has substantial added value and functionality over the Software, is not merely a set or subset of the functions provided by the Software, and that does not directly expose the interfaces of the Software to end users of the Application. Applications do not include programs that substantially duplicate the capabilities of or compete with the Software


Depending on the Licensed Software, Applications may require the Software Runtime Environment (also known as “Runtime Engine” or “Execution Engine”) to operate on a deployment basis. The “Runtime Environment” is a subset of the Software that does not include functionality for creating or modifying Applications. Like the rest of the Software, the Software Runtime Environment is proprietary to Intempora, and therefore it may not be installed or executed without a Runtime License.

NO MULTIPLEXING. Multiplexing is the use of the Licensed Software to allow multiple Users to access a Runtime Environment concurrently while sharing a session or otherwise consuming only a single license seat. Multiplexing is not permitted under this Agreement. Regardless of how many tiers of hardware or software exist between Users and a Runtime Environment, your Applications must always provide a separate persistent session for each User who accesses the Runtime Environment, and you may only have as many sessions open at one time as the number of Users authorized by the Licensor under which that Runtime Environment is used. You may not combine transactions from multiple users onto a single session. If you are concerned about how to apply these multiplexing license restrictions for a particular Application, please contact Intempora or an Authorized Distributor in your territory for clarification or to request an alternative license arrangement.


Depending on the Licensed Software, the Licensor may provide the following types of licenses:


A “Dongle License” permits the Customer the use of one instance of the Licensed Software at a time on a single Equipment, but is not fixed to a designated Equipment. The use of the software on a specific Equipment is authorized by plugging a dongle into the equipment’s USB port and by license files. 


A “Node-Locked License” permits the Customer the use of one instance of the Licensed Software and is fixed to one designated Equipment by the MAC address and/or hard disk serial number and/or any combination of the above. It uses the MAC address of an Equipment specified by the customer and license files to authorize the use of the Software. A Node-Locked License is granted subject to the following restrictions:


A “Floating Network License” permits the Customer the use of one or more instances of the Licensed Software on a client and is limited only by the number of licenses available on the license server. It uses a license server and license files to authorize the use of the Software. A Floating Network License is granted subject to the following restrictions:


An “Evaluation License” (also known as “Demonstration” or “Demo” license) permits the Customer to install and use a certain number of copies of the Licensed Software for evaluation purposes and only for a limited period of time. The Evaluation License permits the Customer the use of a limited number of software instances according to the kind of license that was provided to the Customer and is subject to the following restrictions: 


Additionally to the License Type as defined in section 2.5, the Licensed Software may include the word “Academic” (or “University”) in the Licensor’s commercial

An “Academic License” can be granted by the Licensor only if the Customer’s organization is allowed to confer academic degrees on students and the organization’s official letter head proves the educational status, e.g., by mentioning ‘university’, ‘institute of science’, or ‘institute of technology’. Such licenses might be subject to specific discounts, but are subject to the following restrictions:



The Licensor grants you a personal, non-exclusive, nontransferable license to distribute the Runtime Environment, in object code format only, with Applications that you create under this Agreement, so long as you purchase and sublicense one or more Runtime licenses for each Application that you distribute to each customer of yours.


Under Section a), you may distribute Runtime Environment through distributors, VARS and OEMs and other resellers, so long as each copy of the Runtime Environment that you distribute is bundled with or incorporated into one of your Applications, you make it clear to your resellers that the Runtime Environment is licensed not sold, and you require your resellers to comply with all of the obligations imposed on you under this Agreement with respect to the Runtime Environment.


Before you or your reseller provides a copy of the Runtime Environment to a Customer, you or your reseller, as the case may be, must enter into a written, legally-enforceable sublicense agreement with that Customer which:

Such sublicense agreements must name Intempora as an express third party beneficiary. You must enforce such agreements with the same diligence that you use to enforce similar agreements for other software that you distribute, but in no event less than reasonable efforts. Customers need not physically sign the sublicense agreement unless a signature is required under applicable law to create an enforceable contract


If you distribute the Runtime Environment, then you must include any and all third party license files. You will not: (i) grant (or authorize your resellers to grant) a Customer rights to use the Runtime Environment that are broader than the Runtime license you have purchased for distribution to that Customer; (ii) distribute, sublicense, lease, rent, assign, or otherwise transfer the Software to any other party except as expressly permitted in Section (a); or (iii) distribute any component of the Software that can be used to develop an Application based on the Software. You must provide a valid copyright notice in your name on each Application that you distribute with the Runtime Environment. The distribution rights of Section (a) are personal to you and cannot be sublicensed, assigned or otherwise transferred.


You will be solely responsible for your Applications and any services provided to your Customers. The Licensor make no warranty, and have no obligation to provide support or other services to your Customers. You will defend and indemnify the Licensor from any claims or liabilities arising from or related to your Applications or Customers, including claims based on the performance or nonperformance of the Runtime Environment. You must enter into transactions with your Customers on your own account and not on behalf of Intempora.


You may not incorporate into any Application that you distribute to others any “open source” or other code that is licensed to you by a third party under March 2016 8/16 the condition or requirement that any programs incorporated into, derived from or distributed with such code be disclosed or distributed in source code form or distributed at no charge


The Licensed Software contains a mechanism that protects it against unauthorized use according to the applicable license type. The Customer must not circumvent or try to circumvent the License Protection, either by using any technical means, hardware or software, in order to eliminate, evade, duplicate or otherwise manipulate the License Protection, or in any other way. This expressly includes the reproduction of the Licensed Software, the bypassing of the protection mechanism by means of a virtual machine, and the indirect use of a dongle via a device server or other network technique such as running the Licensed Software on a server for automatic code generation or deployment purposes. Any attempt to circumvent the License Protection is prohibited and constitutes a material breach of this License Agreement and will be prosecuted to the maximum possible extent.


In the event that a permanent license is granted under this Agreement, any tangible copy of the Licensed Software and the Documentation remain the property of the Licensor until full payment of the applicable license fee has been made. The Customer may, however, commence using the Licensed Software and Documentation as intended from the time of delivery.


Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise in the Licensor’s commercial offer, the initial purchase of the Licensed Software includes a period of 12 months of Software Maintenance and Technical Support services following the invoice date. Software Maintenance grants the Customer the entitlement to receive free updates for the Software. The updates are made available on the internet for the Customer to download. Before expiration of the initial Software Maintenance and Technical Support services, the Customer may extend its entitlement to receive regular software updates and technical support services by purchasing a Software Maintenance Service. The Software Maintenance Service is subject to special Software Maintenance Service Terms and Conditions and has to be ordered separately


You may make a reasonable number of backup copies of the Software during the term of this Agreement so long as you do not use such backup copies for any purpose other than to replace the original copy of the Software provided to you by the Licensor if such copy is damaged or destroyed. You may make and authorize others to make a reasonable number of backup copies of the Runtime Environment solely to replace copies of Applications that are damaged or destroyed.



The Licensed Software is designed exclusively for use in research and development. It must be put into operation exclusively by suitably trained and expert operating personnel, under strict compliance with the safety measures described in the software documentation. Any results obtained from or by use of the Licensed Software must be thoroughly tested and validated by the Customer before being incorporated, distributed or otherwise used in or in connection with any end product or application. The Software is not fault tolerant and must not be used for any activity in which the failure of the Software could result in loss of human life, personal injury or property damage. 


You may not do (or permit others to do) any of the following:  


You may not break the Software up into components and install the components on separate computers under a given license. Each Runtime license under this Agreement is limited to use with the specific Application on which the Runtime Environment is initially deployed. The Runtime Environment may not be used with a different application, even if the end user ceases use of the initial Application. 


The Licensed Software might be subject to export restrictions, including but not limited to restrictions under German, EU and US export law, which prohibit the export or diversion of certain products, information about the products, and direct products of the products to certain countries and certain persons. The Customer agrees not to export any Licensed Software or direct product of Licensed Software in any manner without first obtaining all necessary permissions from appropriate government agencies.


Should there be reasonable grounds for suspecting that the Customer has violated this License Agreement, the Licensor shall have the right to inspect or have an independent auditor inspect the Customer’s facilities and records to verify the Customer’s compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, provided that such audit(s) shall be conducted during normal business hours and in such a manner as not to interfere unreasonably with the operations or to endanger confidential information of the Customer. If such an inspection reveals that the Customer is not compliant with said terms and conditions, the Licensor may exercise any or all rights and remedies provided under this Agreement or by law, including but not limited to the right to recover the cost of such audit.



Some of the Licensed Software may contain or may be accompanied with certain open source and other programs (“Third-Party Programs”) licensed by third party developers (“Third Party Developers”). The use of Third-Party Programs may be subject to special or additional terms and conditions, which deviate from what is stated herein and which require that the Customer is provided with and adheres to said terms and conditions. A list of terms and conditions for such Third-Party Programs can be viewed at our website under: On accepting the Intempora License Agreement the Customer also accepts the relevant third-party terms and conditions mentioned hereunder. Unless otherwise stated in said third-party terms and conditions, or where no additional terms and conditions are provided by the above-mentioned list, the Customer has the right to use third-party components only in association with the Licensed Software and only to such an extent as necessary for using the Licensed Software as intended according to the agreements between the Parties.


Should the Licensed Software infringe any thirdparty intellectual property rights, the regulations under Articles 5 – 7 below shall apply accordingly.


Customer acknowledges that the Software is proprietary and shall remain the property of Intempora. Customer will not disclose or make available to any third party any Software or related information, in any form, except to its employees for purposes specifically related to Customer’s use of the Software in accordance with this license. Customer shall take appropriate action by instruction or signed agreements with such employees to satisfy Customer’s obligations. Customer shall maintain records of the location of each original and copy of the Licensed Software and shall provide such information to its Licensor on request. The foregoing non-disclosure provisions apply to all software delivered by The Licensor (including any diagnostic software) and shall survive any termination or cancellation of any Software license. The Licensor may communicate other business or technical information. If such information is March 2016 11/16 identified at the time as proprietary, Customer will guard its confidentiality of its own proprietary information, but at least using reasonable care. This obligation will continue for five (5) years after receiving the information. Nevertheless, the Customer explicitly authorizes Intempora and logo to refer to his name for its communication and marketing actions. This clause shall survive any termination of the present License Agreement. 



The Licensor warrants that the Licensed Software has the functions and features contained in the software product description or software documentation of the software version that is valid at the time the license is granted. Any non-substantial variation from the agreed functionalities, which does not impair the use of the Licensed Software as intended according to the agreements between the Parties, shall not be considered a defect and does not establish any warranty rights. 


No other or further characters and/or features or a purpose beyond what is stated in the software product description or software documentation shall be deemed to have been agreed unless expressly confirmed in writing by the Licensor. The same applies to the alleged grant of any guarantee.


Should the Licensed Software fail to have substantial functions or features contained in the product description or software documentation within a warranty period of 12 months from its delivery, or should the software medium prove to be defective within this time, the Licensor, at its own discretion, may either 

Should the Licensor finally fail to correct the defect(s), the Customer may, at its own discretion, either demand a reasonable reduction of the license fee or withdraw from the contract.


Should the Licensed Software fail to have substantial functions or features contained in the product description or software documentation, or should such functions or features cease to exist during the license term, the Licensor shall correct the defect(s) either by performing repairs or by supplying a new version of the Licensed Software. Should the Licensor be unable to correct the defect(s) within a reasonable period of time, i.e. a period that does not significantly impair the Customer´s use of the Licensed Software, the Customer may demand a reasonable reduction of the license fee depending on the severity and duration of the impact until the March 2016 12/16 defect(s) is/are finally corrected. This does not affect any right of the parties to terminate the contract for good cause.


Subsequent performance can also consist of supplying a new release of the Licensed Software in the event that correcting the defects in, or adapting the original version of, the Licensed Software (for example, by developing a patch) is viewed as unreasonable by the Licensor, particularly in view of the anticipated costs in relation to the product price. Following the receipt of a new release, the Customer has a 2-week period in which to refuse to consent to subsequent performance by means of supplying a new release. If the customer does not refuse consent within the 2- week period, the supply of the new release is deemed to constitute subsequent performance, provided that the new version remedies the defect that was the subject of the complaint.


The Customer shall notify the Licensor of any defect in writing and without undue delay. The assertion of warranty claims is otherwise excluded.


The Customer’s warranty claim shall expire if the Licensed Software is treated incorrectly or used for a purpose for which it is not intended, or if an attempt to modify or repair any of the Licensed Software or components is made by a person not explicitly authorized by the Licensor to do so, unless the Customer supplies proof that the action is not causally connected with the defect. 



No claims for damages may be asserted against the Licensor (including its legal representatives and agents) on any legal grounds whatsoever except in compliance with the following terms:


The Licensor is liable for intentional acts and in cases where liability is mandatory by law, including, but not restricted to, cases where product liability law applies, where there is culpably caused injury or damage to health or loss of life, or material damage due to the absence from the Licensed Software of features that are guaranteed by the Licensor.


The Licensor is also liable in cases of gross negligence and in cases of slight negligence in which an essential contractual duty is violated. A contractual duty is considered to be essential if its fulfillment is a precondition for proper fulfillment of the agreement and if the other party to the agreement was regularly able to rely on it being performed (also called a cardinal duty).


In cases of damage to property or financial damage due to slight negligence, liability shall be limited to the direct damage that is typical for the contract and that might
reasonably have been predicted at the time of its conclusion.


In the event of data loss, the Licensor is liable under the conditions stated above only for and up to the cost of recovering the data, and only on the condition that proper data backup has been performed by the Customer


No liability is otherwise accepted. This particularly applies to consequential harm caused indirectly by a fault, including loss of profit and nonachievement of savings.



Under certain conditions and at the Licensor´s sole discretion, Licensed Software or services may be provided to the Customer free of charge. 


No warranty is given for software and services provided by the Licensor free of charge. However, in the event that the Licensed Software fails to have functions or features necessary in order to use the Licensed Software according to the contract and that the Licensor maliciously concealed this from the Customer at the time the Licensed Software was provided to the Customer, the Licensor shall indemnify the Customer for any damage resulting from the Customer´s reliance on said functions or features.


The Licensor´s liability under the terms of section 7 above shall apply to software and services provided by the Licensor free of charge with the following restriction: Except for any liability for intentional acts, and in cases where liability is mandatory by law, including, but not restricted to, cases where product liability law applies, where there is culpably caused injury or damage to health or loss of life or damage due to the absence from the Licensed Software of certain features guaranteed by the Licensor, the Licensor is liable only for gross negligence, not for slight negligence.



The Customer agrees to defend the Licensor, to hold the Licensor harmless and to indemnify the Licensor against any and all liabilities, losses, actions, damages, or claims (including all reasonable expenses, costs, and attorneys’ fees) arising out of or relating to any use of the Licensed Software by or with permission of the Customer in violation of the terms and conditions herein


 The aforesaid applies without prejudice to any other or further remedies which may exist under applicable law


This Agreement will remain in effect until the expiration of the copyrights in the Licensed Software or until terminated as provided below. If a particular license granted to you is for a limited term (as indicated on the packaging that accompanies the Licensed Software or on the applicable invoice, license certificate or other product documentation provided to you by the Licensor in connection March 2016 14/16 with the Software, or on the screens displayed by the Software when it is initially installed), then that license terminates upon expiration of that term. You may terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason, by giving written notice to the Licensor. The Licensor may terminate this Agreement, effective immediately upon written notice to you if you (a) fail to pay any portion of the license fees when due and fail to cure such non-payment within thirty (30) days after receipt of notice of same, or (b) if you otherwise breach any provision of this Agreement. Upon expiration or termination of this Agreement, you must erase or otherwise destroy all copies of the Software other than copies of the Runtime Environment that you have distributed to Customers in accordance with this Agreement, and your rights hereunder will immediately end. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Sections 2.1, 2.7.e), 3.2, 4.1, and 11 will survive expiration or termination of this Agreement for any reason. The termination of this Agreement will not affect the authorized sublicense rights granted by you to Customers to use the Runtime Environment in or with Applications that you provide, so long as you or your Customers have paid the applicable Runtime license fees



No rights to use Intempora’s logos or other trademarks are granted under this Agreement. If you would like to use Intempora’s logos or other trademarks, please contact Intempora or one of its Authorized Distributors.


Except in cases where the provisions of this Agreement differ from the legal regulations, the latter shall apply additionally. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of France. 


Paris, France, is agreed as the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with this Agreement, unless a different place of jurisdiction is mandatory on the basis of legal requirements.


You will comply with all applicable export and import control laws and regulations in your use of the Licensed Software and, in particular, you will not export or re-export the Licensed Software, including the Runtime Environment, without all required government licenses. You will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Intempora and its suppliers and Authorized Distributors from and against any violation of such laws or regulations by you. If any approval or registration of this Agreement, or any sublicense under this Agreement, is required with government authorities where you reside, operate or distribute Applications, then you will secure such approval or registration at your own expense as a condition to your right to use or distribute the Software under this Agreement.


Intempora is entrusting you to keep track of the sublicenses that you grant
to your Customers for Runtime Licenses. Therefore, during the term of this Agreement and
for one (1) year after its expiration or termination, you will keep reasonably complete
records of your distribution of the Runtime Environment (including the names and
addresses of third parties to whom you distribute the Runtime Environment) and will permit
Intempora or its representatives to review and verify those records to ensure compliance
March 2016 15/16
with this Agreement, unless such review is prohibited by applicable law, including any
privacy or other law that restricts your ability to share personally-identifiable information.
Intempora will give you at least ten (10) days advance notice of any such review and will
conduct the same during normal business hours in a manner that does not unreasonably
interfere with your normal operations. Intempora will treat your records as your
confidential information.


The parties are independent contractors and neither party is the agent, partner, employee, fiduciary or joint venturer of the other party under this Agreement. You may not act for, bind, or otherwise create or assume any obligation on behalf of Intempora. 


You may not assign or transfer, by operation of law or otherwise, any of your rights under this Agreement to any third party without Intempora’s prior written consent. Any attempted assignment or transfer in violation of the foregoing will be void. Intempora may freely assign its rights or delegate its obligations under this Agreement. 


This Agreement is in the English language, and its English language version will be controlling over any other translation except as otherwise required by applicable law. 


Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, the parties’ rights and remedies under this Agreement are cumulative. You acknowledge that the Licensed
Software contains valuable trade secrets and proprietary information of Intempora and its suppliers, that any actual or threatened breach by you of this Agreement by you will constitute immediate, irreparable harm for which monetary damages would be an inadequate remedy, and that injunctive relief is an appropriate remedy for such breach. If any legal action is brought to enforce this Agreement, the prevailing party will be entitled to receive its attorneys’ fees, court costs, and other collection expenses, in addition to any other relief it may receive.

11.10 WAIVER

All waivers must be in writing. Any waiver or failure to enforce any provision of this Agreement on one occasion will not be deemed a waiver of any other provision or of such provision on any other occasion.


In the event that any of the above terms is or becomes invalid, the remaining terms shall continue in full force and effect.


This Agreement constitutes the final and entire agreement between the parties regarding the subject of this Agreement and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements, understandings, and communication, whether written or oral. This Agreement may be amended only by a written document signed by both parties. The terms of any purchase order or similar document submitted by you to the Licensor will have no effect.


Any amendments or additions to this Agreement must be made in writing and must be expressly marked as such. This also applies to this written form requirement.


Any headings in this Agreement are included for convenient reference only and shall not affect the interpretation of this Agreement.

Copyright (©) 2021 INTEMPORA SAS, 19 rue Diderot, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France.