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Delivered by research and industrial partners around the world, discover off-the-shelf third party algorithms and advanced software functions for your industrials applications.

What is the rtmaps AI COMPONENTS STORE?

Together, we fuel automotive innovation

The RTMaps AI Components Store presents an ecosystem of off-the-shelf algorithms and software librairies developed by researchers, techno-providers or industrial partners from all around the world. These advanced technologies are made to address various functions (such as perception, vision, detection, classification, segmentation, data fusion, localization, data anonymization, driver monitoring, path planning, calibration, communication and so on..) that aim to make advanced development collaborative, easier and reliable for RTMaps users. 

Algorithms and other advanced software functions presented below can be either licensed by their authors and owners, or distributed by Intempora. In any case, we have made sure they are developed with a high degree of maturity, with a modular approach making them easy to integrate in your own RTMaps applications.

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Unlock new business opportunities

The RTMaps AI Components Store is an open ecosystem where everyone can publish and highlight software functions and algorithms.
It allows you to highlight the work done by your team or company and unlock new business models.

After partnership established, you can implement your code as a ready-to-use drag and drop RTMaps components and decide to promote or distribute this package with your evaluation kit, as a prototyping or production grade applications.

At Intempora, we aim to build a strong and innovative community around RTMaps where our customers, partners, researchers but also students and technology providers from all over the world can highlight, share and exchange their work and make the development of advanced applications easier. 

Everyone can choose and benefit of these turnkey components for their own applications or contribute to accelerate the development and deployment of innovative applications by delivering their own software functions for other companies.

Highlight your expertise

The RTMaps AI Components Store is an open ecosystem of algorithms or software functions developped as RTMaps components and available for everyone. Our idea is to showcase the expertise and the work done by our users and partners with a simple idea:

We can grow and innovate TOGETHER!

  • All
  • Annotation
  • Calibration
  • Classification
  • Data Fusion
  • Driver Monitoring
  • Freespace
  • HD Maps
  • Labeling
  • Navigation
  • Novelty detection
  • Object detection
  • Post processing
  • Road Detection
  • SLAM
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Smart logging
  • Smart tagging
  • Tracking
  • human behaviour
  • localization
  • mapping

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Are you a technology provider?

Feel free to contact us via the Partnership application form.
We can provide free RTMaps licenses and help you integrate your IP into binary RTMaps components. 
The technology stay the property of their editor. 

Your algorithms then become available for free or with purchase to any RTMaps user without any SDK / API / compilation. This way customers can evaluate, integrate and test your advanced features in a few clicks ! Feel free to test it and publish your algorithm in the store.

Are you a RTMaps user?

You can find here various on-the-shelf libraries from Intempora partners integrating their advanced technologies for various functions (perception, vision, data fusion, localization, etc.).

These technologies are the property of their editor. We made sure that they are correctly integrated into RTMaps components, documented, and easy to configure and to use.

Algorithms can be integrated in your RTMaps applications in a few clicks!

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RTMaps ease the collaboration the teamwork between different engineering teams.

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