What IS THE smart Logging?

Artificial Intelligence Technology for Road Safety: Novelty Detection

The Smart algorithms provided by dSPACE is a free RTMaps package containing two functional modules, accelerating development of autonomous driving systems object detection and novelty detection from camera input.

The Smart Logging algorithm is a trained model used to evaluate and compare subsequent frames of a sequence based on their visual features. If the new image is below a certain novelty threshold it is discarded. It includes an RTMaps sample diagram.


Keep the relevant data of your autonomous driving dataset.

Smart LOGGING gallery

SMART algorithms package

The Smart algorithms package provided by dSPACE is a collection of two neural network based algorithms, e.g for object detection (The Smart Tagging and the Smart Logging). This collection is available for free as an RTMaps package off-the-shelf directly on GitHub. Two RTMaps diagrams are available as well as demo with samples of recording, but they can also be used with your own recorded data. 

Note the free version model has been trained with a basic dataset.
Would you need a better version of the model trained on a more complete dataset? please contact us.

Free Smart Algorithms Package

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  • AI-based image novelty computation
  • Ready-to-use model / easy set-up
  • Customizable input
  • Free of charge
Premium Smart Algorithms Package
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Smart algorithms use cases

The smart algorithms for Road safety package in RTMaps can be useful for three different use cases

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