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Monitor and annotate recording
while driving.

RTag application

What is RTAG™?


Monitor and Annotate your recordings while driving.

RTag™ is a live manual tagging software application available on tactile tablet. With RTag™, it becomes easy to manually monitor recordings of sensors equipped on the vehicle then proceed to manual annotation with tags of dynamic or static situations encountered while your driving journey.

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Why rtag ?

Enrich your recordings and accelerate the search of relevant scenarios.

Automated vehicles systems become extremely data intensive with tens of terabytes of sensors data recorded during billions of test miles.
Annotation can be counterproductive, especially when you must playback and annotat in the lab all data recorded during your driving journeys. Thanks to RTag™, you are able to monitor and control the recording of sensors, so you can easily have a complete control on the streams you need for your test without changing your vehicle configuration. 

RTag™ allows engineers to add, configure and customize tags and values, then annotate relevant situation encountered on the road. Synchronized with your recordings it became easy to upload tags with sensor data until you are done.

In combination with IVS you can find accurately specific events encountered on the road during your test campaign.

Friendly user interface

Ingest and manage your data through an intuitive web-based application and a user-friendly interface.


Customize and add more tags and values on the application to complete and perfect your library. More tags you have, more your recordings will be improved and your search easier.

Control sensors status

Keep control on the status of each sensors on your car. You can monitor, choose and select which sensors should be active for your tests and driving journey without changing any vehicle configuration.

Annotate easily

RTag™ is available on tactile tablet, it makes easy to bring with you anywhere and allows to annotate easily with a friendly graphical user interface while your test driving campaign.


All your tags are timestamped and synchronized with the clock of your running sensors. RTag™ makes you easy to upload and find relevant events in your terabytes of data.

Find data faster

Save time and take advantage of your annotated recordings when it comes to search in terabytes of datasets. In combination with IVS and your data centralized in the cloud you can accelerate and facilitate your test and validation processes.

Master your recordings

Monitor and manage your recording easily on the road or back to your lab

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Annotation of billions of kilometers can be very counterproductive, in order to eases the work of annotation you can manually monitor, configure and annote your recordings with dynamic and static events encountered on the road. While raw data are collected, it could be very unproductive to find relevant data when it comes to search a specific scenario and it could be an outstanding waste of valuable development time. RTag™ aims to enrich your data easiliy with tags while driving and ensure to optimize your annotation process. Save time searching, and costs. 

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