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Monitor and annotate recording
while driving.

RTag application

What is RTAG™?


Monitor and Annotate your recordings while driving.

RTag™ is a live manual tagging software application available on tactile tablets. With RTag™, it becomes easy to monitor the status and health of your in-vehicle data-recorder but also to manually annotate driving situations with customized tags (static situations or dynamic events).

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Why rtag ?

Enrich your recordings to instantly search for relevant scenarios.

Automated vehicle systems become extremely data intensive with tens of petabytes of sensor data collected during millions of test miles.
Annotation can be tedious and expensive, especially when doing so through a posteriori data playback and annotation of all the data recorded during your driving journeys. Thanks to RTag™, you can easily mark encountered situations with a variety of configurable tags, and also monitor and control the sensor streams recordings (monitor data streams frame rates, data logger software correct operation, remaining storage space…). 

RTag™ allows engineers to customize their tags dictionnary, then annotate relevant situation encountered on the road. Synchronized with other sensor data streams, it becomes easy to upload tags with sensor data on your data management system and feed the situations search engine.

In combination with IVS you can then find immediately interested situations from a combination of events encountered on the road during your test campaign.

Process integration

RTag is part of the Intempora/dSPACE/U.AI “Data Driven Development” toolchain. Tags are automatically analyzed and indexed in the IVS search engine during data ingestion for a seamless end-to-end process.


Customize and add more tags in your search engine taxonomy to customize your library.

Control sensors status

Monitor the status of each sensor stream in your vehicle. Activate or disable sensors during driving and control the recorder’s health (errors, remaining storage space…)

Annotate easily

RTag™ has been designed for use on tablets for easy operation while driving. Connect to the data recorder via WiFi and RTag will automatically attach to the RTMaps-based recording diagram to push tags and monitor the recorded data streams.


All tags from RTag™ are timestamped and synchronized with all the other sensors data streams recorded with RTMaps. RTag™ streamlines the search of relevant scenarios in your PetaBytes of data.

Find data faster

Save time and take advantage of your annotated recordings when it comes to searching in PetaBytes of data. In combination with IVS managing the data lake in a centralized architecture, you can accelerate and facilitate your testing and validation processes.

Master your sensor data recordings

Monitor and manage your recordingS FROM the road TO YOUR TESTING FACILITIES

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Annotation of millions of kilometers is extremely cumbersome. In order to ease the annotation work, you can configure and annote your recordings with dynamic and static events while driving. RTag™ aims to enrich your data easily and ensures the optimization of your annotation process. Save time and cost at searching for interesting data. 

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