RTMaps Embedded™

Design. Connect. Deploy. Execute.

Deploy your Real-Time Multisensor applications on Embedded Computing Systems and ECUs.

What is RTMaps EMBEDDED™?

RTMaps Embedded™

Deploy your algorithms on a large scale with RTMaps Embedded™

RTMaps Embedded™ (Real-Time Multisensor applications Embedded) allows engineers to deploy their real-time applications on embedded computing targets and a variety of electronical computer units (ECUs). RTMaps Embedded can be deployed on the latest System on Chips (SOCs) dedicated to artificial intelligence (deep learning, neural networks), computer vision, signal processing, etc.

RTMaps Embedded is made of the following software modules:

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RTMaps Embedded™ accelerates and eases the deployment of your functions

Over the years, the importance of electronics and embedded software has grown, so has complexity and required engineering competencies, especially in the field of autonomous driving. Intempora delivers RTMaps Embedded™ a comprehensive, reliable, portable and trustworthy software for embedded platforms. RTMaps Embedded benefits of all the RTMaps features and brings you the needed flexibility from early development stages on PC platforms down to the deployment of advanced software functions and algorithms on the most recent ECUs designed for the highest levels of autonomy.



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RTMaps Embedded™

Design and Design your advanced software functions on PCs and deploy them on the most powerful and reliable SOCs in minutes!


Modular & Portable

RTMaps is cross platform and is available for Windows®, Linux (Ubuntu™ LTS), and QNX®. Due to its lightweight runtime engine, RTMaps can be deployed and executed not only on PC architectures (x86 64 bits) but also on a number of supported embedded devices (based on ARM CPUs and SoCs). See RTMaps Embedded.

Easy & Secure

Thanks to the RTMaps Studio Connector you can design on a PC with the graphical development user interface, and deploy your applications easily to your embedded targets. The Studio connects to the RTMaps remote runtime engine on the target through a secured link.

Ultra Scalable

Take advantage of multicore architectures. RTMaps can run on the cheapest SoCs to the latest and most advanced electronical computer units, even on big data architectures, public Cloud such as (Azure, AWS..)

Seamless software

RTMaps Embedded™ is the next step in you process: design, edit and deploy your software functions and algorithms with the same and seamless development & execution environment than on PCs: same graphical interface, same APIs for your components, same execution models.

Hardware acceleration

RTMaps Embedded™ can take advantage of hardware acceleration capabilities of modern ECUs (GPUs, FPGAs, IMPs…) for demanding perception and deep learning algorithms. 

RTOS / RTE availability

RTMaps Embedded can be easily port on your own RTOS / RTE to bring determinism, scheduling to your critical real-time embedded applications and take advantage of accurate real-time for safety.

RTMaps Embedded BENEFITS

RTMaps Embedded™ eases the work of research and engineering teams, accelerates the deployment of algorithms from PCs down to the most recent electronical computer units of the automotive industry.

Thanks to RTMaps Embedded™ take advantage of all possibilities offered by RTMaps™ then connect and deploy your design to the embedded world.

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Deploy your AI on a large scale

deploy and embbed your critical real-time application on most recent ecus

What can i do with rtmaps EMBEDDED™?

RTMaps Embedded™ from prototyping to series production.

RTMaps Embedded allows users to graphically edit their applications (diagrams) thanks to the RTMaps Remote Studio while taking the most of SOCs computing capabilities by executing on embedded targets. Hence, RTMaps Embedded™ dramatically reduces your test and development cycles and ensures to facilitate porting applications from early prototyping stages on PC down to the most recent ECUs for series-production. With RTMaps Embedded you can take advantage of the hardware acceleration of dedicated chips to computer vision and deep learning and manage quickly and efficiently multi-level of processing in real-time. 

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ECUs for ADAS and Autonomous Driving supported by RTMaps Embedded™

Embedded software development is highly complex today, we aim to provide the flexibility that software engineers needs to develop, test and deploy their algorithms efficiently. RTMaps Embedded™ can support all x86- and ARM-based hardware architectures. Add and connect embedded targets with no limitation, then benchmark performance and behaviour of your embedded real-time systems. 

Since a few years now, we established strong technical partnerships with hardware and semi-conductors companies involved in ADAS and autonomous driving. Here is a non exhaustive lists of SOCs supported by RTMaps Embedded

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