Digital maps By benomad

What is DIGITAL MAPS by benomad?

Mapping SDK and Navigation API from Benomad in RTMaps

The Mapping SDK and Navigation API provided by Benomad are a modular, multi-platform software development kits designed to enrich business applications with advanced mapping functionality. They simplify the process of integrating geolocation, route calculation and industry-strength GPS guidance features into web, desktop or in-vehicle applications.


Implemented with RTMaps the Benomad component allows you to perform GPS map-matching, to display the current ear in real-time and extract various attributes about the current road segment such as:

Electronic Horizon for Automated Driving

As a predictive sensor, Benomad SDK component can also provide an electronic horizon which can be used to get information about the upcoming road infrastructure and enable the drivers to anticipate the road ahead, the Benomad SDK effectively extending their horizon beyond what is immediately visible. The component can predictively delivering relevant roadway information thereby contributing to a safer, smarter mobility and automated driving.

Road infrastructure and infrastrcture detected:

BENOMAD + rtmAPS benefits

The Benomad SDK and API provide a number of key benefits when it comes to 

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