ZIA™ SAFE DMS - Driver Monitoring System by DMP


Intelligent driver monitoring system features to enhance safety

Have you ever attempted to monitor situations where the driver might be distracted or dozing off? ZIA™ SAFE DMS (Driver Monitoring System) can detect distractions by analyzing the driver’s head pose and estimate drowsiness based on eye openness. Distractions, such as looking aside, trigger warnings when the face angle exceeds a specified threshold. For drowsiness, our DMS identifies instances where the eyes are completely closed for a specified duration or blink frequency exceeds a specified threshold. These features are powered by our AI system.

You have the flexibility to customize these thresholds according to your preferences. In addition to this, ZIA™ SAFE DMS is versatile – it can also detect activities like smartphone usage during driving. Give it a try and reach out to us for more information!

Please note: The RTMaps package only supports Drowsiness and Distraction features. 
Please contact DMP for more features implementation. Other features, such as phone calling, phone operation, one hand driving and seatbelt detection, are already supported for Android environment.

key features of zia™ safe dms

ZIA™ SAFE for DMS includes High-level functions using in-vehicle camera images to detect and monitor the human behaviour of the driver.

Deploy your Driver Monitoring System features in a few clicks

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