What is baselabs create?

Data Fusion development with BASELABS CREATE EMBEDDED and RTMaps

Baselabs Create is a software framework for the development of data fusion algorithms. It provides a state-of-the-art filters and models that can directly be used for sensor fusion development. Thus, the developer can start working on the parametrization of the algorithms and models earlier and spend more time on optimizing the system performance.

Data Fusion Designer

BASELABS Create Embedded automatically generates the source code for an RTMaps component that executes the configured data fusion. The data fusion can be configured on a graphical basis, which comes with massive time savings compared to a programmatic implementation. Users of BASELABS Create appreciate the numerous useful features for developers such as the built-in visualization, which is always in sync with the configured data fusion. As a kick-start, a data fusion example including sample sensor data for RTMaps is included.

Baselabs create + rtmAPS BENEFITS

Baselabs Create Embedded provides a seamless integration of the generated data fusion algorithm to many platforms and runtime environments such as RTMaps.

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