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Sensors and technologies supported by RTMaps

Find the right technology for your autonomous sytem

RTMaps has over 600 components ready-to-use to develop complex autonomous systems. RTMaps supports over 150 models of sensors of the most famous brands of the robotic and automotive market. Among them the most famous brands and companies of Cameras, Radars, Lidars, GPS, IMU, CAN, Biometric and so on. This table can help you to find is your purchased sensor already have a component supported by RTMaps.  

Category Companies Sensors Models Supported .Pck name
Biometric Medtronic Zephyr™ BioHarness BioModule™ rtmaps_zephyr
Biometric Plux BioSignalsPlux Kit, Sensors. On demand
Biometric NeuroElectrics Enobio® EEG Systems On demand
Biometric Empatica E4 Wristband On demand
Biometric Bisigma Varioport On demand
Biometric Oleasys OleaSense™ OS-3010 On demand
Biometric / Eye Tracker Imotions Eye Tracking Glasses rtmaps_asl_eye_trackers
Biometric / Eye Tracker Smart Eye Smart Eye Pro, Aurora and more on demand rtmaps_smarteye
Biometric / Eye Tracker Pertech Solutions EyeTechSensor, Software On demand
Biometric / Eye Tracker Tobii Tobii Eye Tracker 4C, Tobi Pro Glasses rtmaps_tobii_eyex, rtmaps_tobii_gaze
Biometric / Eye Tracker Seein Machines FaceLAB 5 (Eyecomtec) rtmaps_faceapi
Biometric / Motion Capture VICON Nexus Software and sensors rtmaps_vicon
Biometric / Motion Capture TDK InvenSense Movea Motion Pod / Tracking On demand
Biometric / Data Acquisition Software Biopac MP150 & MP160 rtmaps_biopac
CAN dSPACE DCI-CAN 2 / CAN FD rtmaps_can_dspace
CAN Softing CANpro USB, CAN-AC2-PCI, CAN-PRO2-PCIE rtmaps_softing_can_boards
CAN PEAK CAN Gateway Ethernet, CAN Interface (PCI, USB) rtmaps_can_PEAK_gateway
CAN Vector CAN / CAN FD Interfaces (USB, PCIe, Ethernet) rtmaps_can_vector
CAN Kvaser Blackbird, Leaf, Ethercan, CAN Interface (PCI, USB) rtmaps_can_kvaser
CAN National Instruments CAN Interface (PCI, USB) rtmaps_can_NSI
CAN SocketCAN CAN drivers for Linux rtmaps_can_SocketCAN
CAN Intempora - RTMaps RTMaps CAN / CAN FD Processing rtmaps_can_processing
CAN EMS Thomas Wünsche CAN Gateway On demand
CAN / Flexray Star Cooperation CAN / CAN FD controllers (FlexCard PMC II, FlexCard USB M, ..) rtmaps_can_star_cooperation
Camera Webcam Any USB webcam working on Windows (Adesso, Logitech and more) rtmaps_webcam
Camera RTSP Any RTSP Network cameras rtmaps_standard_components
Camera IP Any IP axis cameras (security) rtmaps_camera_ip_axis
Camera D-Link Any DCS cameras (security) rtmaps_camera_DCS
Camera IEEE1394 Firewire cameras On demand
Camera Basler AG Basler ace 2 series and more on request rtmaps_basler_cameras
Camera Common Vision Blox CVB Camera Suite rtmaps_cvb
Camera FLIR (PointGrey) Blackfly, Blackfly S, Flea3, Firefly and more USB3, GigE cameras, Triclops SDK, Ladybug SDK rtmaps_pointgrey_spinnaker, rtmaps_pointgrey_flycapture2
Camera Allied Vision Prosilica GT, GiGE, VIMBA SDK/API, GenICam API, rtmaps_prosilica_cameras
Camera IDS uEye, IDS NXT, USB2, USB 3, USB 3.1 rtmaps_camera_ids
Camera Mobileye (Intel) on demand rtmaps_mobileye
Camera Microsoft Kinect v2 rtmaps_kinect
GMSL Camera - soon On demand
Camera Ximea USB 3, PCIe cameras On demand
Camera Pleora Technologies Any GigE cameras compatible eBUS SDK and Pleora chip rtmaps_pleora
Camera 3D Intel RealSense D415, D435, D435i, D455 rtmaps_realsense2
Camera 3D Stereolab Zed, Zed2 On demand
Camera 3D Mynt Eye EYE S (S210, S1030, S1030-non IR), EYE D (D1000-120, D1000-50, D1200) rtmaps_mynteye
Camera Lidar Intel L515 on demand On demand
Thermal Camera Seek Thermal On demand rtmaps_thermal_seek
Camera / Framegrabber Teledyne DALSA Any Dalsa camera compatible the Sapera SDK On demand
Framegrabber Intempora - RTMaps Camrecorders compatible with the DV standard rtmaps_standard_components, rtmaps_standard_rrms
Framegrabber Epiphan Epiphan DVI2USB DVI/VGA framegrabber rtmaps_epiphan
Framegrabber Matrox Any camera compatible with Matrox framegrabbers rtmaps_matrox, rtmaps_matrox100
Framegrabber Sensoray Sensoray 2253, 2255 rtmaps_sensoray_2253, rtmaps_sensoray_2255
Framegrabber Solectrix SX proFRAME On demand
Data files format Intempora - RTMaps .rec rtmaps_standard_components
Data files format ADTF .dat (on demand) rtmaps_adtf
Data files format LIN, Flexray on demand rtmaps_mdf4_processing
Data files format CAN, CAN-FD .blf, .asc, rtmaps_blf
Data files format Video files .avi, .mpeg, ... rtmaps_standard_rrms
Data files format Image files .jpg, .png, .tiff, ... rtmaps_standard_rrms
Data files format Audio files .wav, ... rtmaps_standard_rrms
Data files format Text files .csv, binary files, ... rtmaps_standard_rrms
Data files format GPS traces .kml, .nmea rtmaps_nmea0183
Data files format Ethernet logs .pcap rtmaps_pcap
Data files format IBEO datasets .idc rtmaps_ibeo
Data files format Vector MDF4 (Soon - on request) rtmaps_mdf4_processing
Diagnostics Intempora - RTMaps Samples Rates monitoring rtmaps_standard_components
Diagnostics Intempora - RTMaps Frame Drops Monitoring rtmaps_standard_components
Diagnostics Intempora - RTMaps Watchdogs components rtmaps_standard_components
Diagnostics Intempora - RTMaps Latency Monitoring rtmaps_standard_components
Diagnostics Intempora - RTMaps Disk and Recording Management rtmaps_standard_components
LiDAR Velodyne ALPHA PRIME, ULTRA PUCK (VLP-32C), PUCK (VLP-16), HDL-32, HDL-64, and more on request rtmaps_velodyne
LiDAR Leddartech One, Vu8, IS16, M16, LCA2, LCA3, Pixell rtmaps_leddartech
LiDAR Ouster OS0-32, OS0-64, OS0-128, OS1-32, OS1-64, OS1-128, OS2-32, OS2-64, OS2-128 rtmaps_ouster
LiDAR IBEO Ibeo ECU, Ibeo LUX and more on request rtmaps_ibeo
LiDAR Valeo SCALA on demand
LiDAR SICK LMS 1xx, LMS 2xx, LMS5xx, MRS 1000, MRS 6000, LD-MRS (4 & 8 layers) rtmaps_sick_lms_telemeter
LiDAR HESAI PandarXT 32 & 16 more on request rtmaps_hesai
LiDAR Quanergy M Series: M8, M1, MQ-8, M-Prime rtmaps_quanergy
LiDAR Luminar - On demand
LiDAR Livox Tele-15, Mid-40, Mid-70, Mid-100, Avia, Horizon rtmaps_livox
LiDAR Aeye On demand On demand
LiDAR Hokyuyo PBS-03JN, UTM series 30LX, URG series 04LX, 05LX and more on demand rtmaps_hokyuyo
LiDAR RoboSense RS-16, RS-32, RS-M1, and more on request rtmaps_robosense
LiDAR SlamTech RP Lidar A2, RP Lidar A3, rtmaps_lidar_slamtec
LiDAR Cepton Vista P60, Vista P90, Sora P60, Sora P90 rtmaps_cepton_lidars
Radar Bosch