RoadNex by NEXYAD


Vision-based drivable surface detection algorithm for Automated driving

RoadNex is an efficient onboard and real-time software algorithm provided by Nexyad to detect the drivable surface also called free space. using only the front camera of the vehicle. It automatically detects the lanes and the border of the road. Backing up maneuvrers can be responsible for hundreds of accident in the world. Identifying “free-spac” or safely driveable surface of the road on the scene ahead is a fundamental task for autonomous navigation. A critical perceptual challenge in autonomous vehicle navigation is defining whether the path ahead is safe and free of potential collisions and accidents.

Roadnex is provided as API to be integrated into after market dashcam, ADAS and Autonomous Driving systems.


NEXYAD has cutting edge skills on maths and hybrid artificial intelligence, and knows how to implement in a computer with small fingerprint.
Software modules from NEXYAD are the results of 25 years of deep tech research in domains such as: applied maths, artificial intelligence, deep learning, knowledge based system, possibility theory, fuzzy sets, Gödel coding, physics of vehicles, computer vision, data understanding, signal processing, information theory, risk theory, estimation theory, virtual sensors.


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