VISIONAIRY® by Spleenlab


VISIONAIRY® Online Calibration by Spleenlab Online Calibration Data fusion Get Started What IS VISIONAIRY? The online calibration solution for sensor fusion based autonomy applications. VISIONAIRY® Online Calibration is a fundamental enabler for sensor fusion based autonomy functions. Factory provided extrinsic calibrations are challenging to acquire and lose their accuracy over time. Spleenlab‘s Online Calibration application provides […]

Hybrid fusion positioning by IFSTTAR

Hybrid Fusion Positioning by IFSTTAR Get Started What is HYBRID FUSION? HYBRID FUSION Positioning by IFSTTAR The hyrid fusion package is dedicated to outdoor vehicle positioning based on combination of differents sensor sources such as GPS, odometers and IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units). The hybrid fusion package implements Interacting Multiple Model (IMM) and Extended Kalman filter […]

Baselabs Create by Baselabs

Miniature Baselabs Create Embedded

Baselabs CREATE by BASELABS Get Started What is baselabs create? Data Fusion development with BASELABS CREATE EMBEDDED and RTMaps Baselabs Create is a software framework for the development of data fusion algorithms. It provides a state-of-the-art filters and models that can directly be used for sensor fusion development. Thus, the developer can start working on […]