Y-Smart Connector by Yogoko

Y-SMART Connector by YOGOKO Get Started What is Y-SMART CONNECTOR? Data and communication management software platform for connected & cooperative mobility If you need to optimize and secure all data exchanges between vehicles, road users, road & urban infrastructure, and the cloud. If you are involved in the integration of on-board, off-board and roadside solutions. […]

Hybrid fusion positioning by IFSTTAR

Hybrid Fusion Positioning by IFSTTAR Get Started What is HYBRID FUSION? HYBRID FUSION Positioning by IFSTTAR The hyrid fusion package is dedicated to outdoor vehicle positioning based on combination of differents sensor sources such as GPS, odometers and IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units). The hybrid fusion package implements Interacting Multiple Model (IMM) and Extended Kalman filter […]

CoreSLAM by MINES ParisTech

CoreSLAM by Mines PARISTECH Get Started What is Coreslam? CoreSLAM algorithm by Center of Robotics of Mines ParisTECH The CoreSLAM algorithm by Center of Robotics of Ecole des Mines-ParisTech (CAOR) allows a robot equipped with a single laser scanner (e.g. Hokuyo UTM-30-LX) to build a local 2D map of its environment and localize itself accurately. […]

Drive4U Locate by Valeo

Drive4U LOCATE by VALEO Get Started What is valeo drive4U locate? Localization and Mapping Solutions for Automated Driving Valeo Drive4U Locate is an affordable, precise and robust localization and mapping solution for Automated Driving developed by Valeo.This solution enables centimetric accuracy in poor and denied GPS conditions, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, in […]