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    You can find here various on-the-shelf libraries from Intempora partners integrating their advanced technologies for various functions (perception, vision, data fusion, localization, etc.).

    These technologies are the property of their editor. They can be distributed by the editor or by Intempora. We made sure that they are correctly integrated into RTMaps components, documented, and easy to configure and to use.

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    • rtmapsbaselabs

      BASELABS Create Data fusion algorithms

      BASELABS Create is the framework for the development of data fusion algorithms. It provides filters and models that can directly be used for sensor fusion development. Thus, the developer can start working on the parametrization of the algorithms and models earlier and spend more time on optimizing the system performance.

    • coreslam

      CoreSLAM by Mines-ParisTech

      The CoreSLAM algorithm by Center of Robotics of Mines-ParisTechTech allows a robot equiped with a single laser scanner (e.g. Hokuyo UTM-30-LX) to build a local 2D map of its environment and localize itself accurately.

    • benomadproduct

      Digital Maps by Benomad

      This module integrates the SIVNAV SDK by Benomad. It allows to perform GPS map-matching, to display the current area, and to extract various attributes about the current road segment (such as speed limit, number of lanes, way category, way name, allowed driving directions...).
      It also provides an electronic horizon which can be used to get information about upcoming road infrastructure (intersections, geometry, traffic signs, traffic lights...)

    • logo-full-valeo-drive4u-locate

      Drive4U® Locate by VALEO

      Valeo Drive4U® Locate is an affordable, precise and robust localization and mapping solution for Automated Driving developed by Valeo. This solution enables centimetric accuracy in poor and denied GPS conditions, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, in urban and highway scenarios, including large scale areas and is compatible with existing HD Maps (e.g. HERE, TomTom).

    • ifsttarhybridfusion2

      Hybrid fusion positioning by IFSTTAR

      The hyrid fusion package is dedicated to outdoor vehicle positioning based on combination of differents sensor sources such as GPS, odometers and IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units).

    • ibeoevaluationsuite

      IBEO Evaluation Suite

      The ibeo Evaluation Suite is a modular software for automatic object labeling, post-processing of the recorded data of large test drives, as well as the generation of a map of lane markings. In combination with RTMaps, you can use the IBEO Reference system and the Evaluation suite in order to constitute a reference stream synchronized with your other sensors (cameras, radars, lidars, etc.). This makes a great feature for sensors and algortihms benchmarking activities as well as DNNs training activities.

    • obstanex

      ObstaNex by Nexyad

      ObstaNex is a vision module for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

    • nexyadroadnex

      RoadNex by Nexyad

      RoadNex is a freespace detection module based on monovision for ADAS and Autonomous Driving: it detects the drivable zone and road borders independently even without road markings. It works in a wide variety of conditions (wet road, dirt pathes, paved roads...).

    • yogokocropped2

      Y-Smart Connector by Yogoko

      YoGoKo features Y-Smart, a unified communication software platform for connected & cooperative mobility. The software allows interaction with the surrounding vehicle environment (C-ITS/V2X standards, IoT standards), or communication with a remote autonomous vehicle command & control center.